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I've gotten pretty far on the shawl, but I came to realization last week - my needles aren't long enough, in fact I should have been doing this on circular needles. Unfortunately I own no circular 7mm needles so I had to order some off of the net. Hopefully they will arrive soon and I can return to my knitting fun. I apparently also need to bite the bullet and order more of the green King Cole Magnum yarn from the intarwebs since apparently the local yarn shop has decided to stop carrying that color of the brand. I keep hoping I'm wrong about this, and I have this feeling I will order it and it will then show up on the shops shelves again, but if I want to finish it any time soon I will have to do so. grrr.

While waiting for my new needles to arrive I undid the end of the epic blue scarf and added on another foot and tassels also. I then knitted a horrible hat which I will have to by elastic for the edging of since I made the brim waaaaay to big (I have a tenancy to misjudge gauge and as a result the size of hat brims. Luckily I did it in kinda a chunky hat style so the elastic won't look bad.

I think I'm going to be taking a crafting break for awhile though while I focus on school work. I have a crap ton of shit due at the end of the month and a test on Mon.

Hat and scarf

I think the scarf is roughly 14 ft+ including the tassels

I needed my 7mm needles for the hat so I stuck the shawl on a set of 5mm circulars in the meantime. I can't wait for the 7mm circulars to arrive.
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