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Since everyone's doing it I decided to jump into the art posting pool too. I'm working on two different knitting projects right now, a scarf that I can't finish till I get more of the yarn (seriously this needs to stop happening to me) and a new shawl I just started. The shawl is gonna be a simply triangle design but using the trinity stitch which I just learned and I think looks awesome.

The beginnings of my new shawl, the needles are a size US 7mm and the yarn is James C Brett Chunky Marble (col MC15 lot 986)

The cool thing about the trinity stitch is it makes these little bobbles, hence the reason it's also known as the blackberry stitch.

Almost done with this one, I just need 2 more skiens, really just 1 1/2, it needs about a third more length and I want to add a fringe onto the ends.
The stitch pattern was really simple, just ask if you want it.

This is the scarf I did for my cousin Stephen, its really wide and long. My flatmate Kris is modeling it here since if I put it on I have to wrap it around my neck 3 times to make it a manageable length. The pattern is just a straight knit, and I'm debating putting a fringe on the ends.

I'm gonna have to get/make a knitting icon if I keep this up.
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